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Price List

Price List
Basic Sale Price Rs. 7050 Per Sq.Ft.
Development Charges Rs. 381 Per Sq.Ft.
Club Membership Rs. 2,00,000
Preferential Location Charges As Applicable
Interest Free Maintenance Security Rs. 100 Per Sq.Ft.
Car Parking Rs. 4,00,000
Preferential Location Charges
Landscape Facing Rs. 300 Per Sq.Ft.
Three Side Open Rs. 175 Per Sq.Ft.
Clear View Rs. 150 Per Sq.Ft.
  • Car Parking: 1 car parking with 2 BR apartment, 2 car parking each with 2 BR + study, 3 BR + Servant, 3BR + Terrace units.
  • DC Charges: are approximate and shall be charged as per the EDC/IDC payments done to DTCP and other charges.
Special Payment Plan
Milestone Description
At Booking 4% of TSV
Within 30 days of Booking 6% of TSV
Within 60 days of Booking 10% of TSV
Within 120 days of Booking 10% of TSV
On Complete of Top Floor Roof Slab 30% of TSV
On Filing of application for grant of Occupancy Certificate 30% of TSV
Within 30 Days of Notice of Possession 10% of TSV+ 100% of IFMS + 100% of Applicable Stamp Duty + Registration Charges + Meter Connection Charges
  • Cheque/DD shall be in favour of ‘M3M India Limited A/C Escala’.
  • If the ‘Filing of Application for Grant of Occupancy Certificate’ occurs before any of the time based instalments mentioned in the payment plan, then all such timeline based instalments shall become payable simultaneously along with the ‘On Filing of Application for Grant of Occupancy Certificate’
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